Loaders are often considered the most functional piece of equipment on the construction site. The primary feature of loaders is transfering materials from the ground to a dump truck. However the addition functions are numerous. Moving material is the name of the game for loaders, the primary bucket is excellent for moving dirt, but can be removed and replaced to serve other functions.

A bale grappler can be installed in place of the bucket for moving hay. Fork attachments turn the loader into a large fork lift making it able to lift pallets of material and wonderful for unloading trucks on muddy terrain. Snow plow attachments allow the loader to plow or use load a dump truck to remove snow from roads and parking lots.

Many loaders are not specifically good at digging. The solution to this is using a loader with a back-hoe on the rear of the machine. The back-hoe's smaller shovel allows for better digging while the loaders main bucket removes the dirt piles that build up. Typically loaders have rubber tires that allow them to function on pavement. In some areas however the loaders need more traction or need to travel over sharp objects and can be equipped with treads similar to bulldozers.