Bobcat Loaders

Bobcat is a division of the Ingersoll Rand Corporation. Bobcat has been making tough, dependable heavy-duty equipment since 1958. Bobcat makes excavators, utility products, light construction equipment and loaders. Bobcat is the industry leader in loaders, having built their very first loader nearly 50 years ago. Bobcat loaders are available in both standard and long wheelbase varieties. There are dozens of Bobcat loaders to choose from.

Standard features on all Bobcat loaders include engine/hydraulic systems shutdown, a deluxe cab, dual function front auxiliary hydraulics and front and rear working lights. Bobcat drive chains do not require adjustment. Their axle bearings do not need greasing. Bobcat drive chains are the largest in the industry.

Bobcat loaders are available in four different product lines: skid steer, compact track, all wheel steer and mini track loaders. There are a dozen different skid steer Bobcat loaders. Operating capacity of the skid steer models ranges from a low of 700 pounds to a high of 3300 pounds. Horsepower varies from 22.5 for the smallest model to 85 for the largest.

Compact track Bobcat loaders range in operating capacity from 1400 to 3000 pounds. Horsepower in these models starts at 46 and gradually increases to a high of 81 in their top of the line compact track unit.

There is only one all wheel steer Bobcat. It has an operating capacity of 3000 pounds and comes standard with 81 horsepower.

Mini track loaders, the MT52 and the MT55 have operating capacities of 520 and 550 pounds, respectively. Their horsepower ratings are 18.8 and 23.5.

Why else should you buy a Bobcat? Across America, there are over 550 Bobcat dealers. Bobcat offers the best dealer network in the industry. Visit your local Bobcat dealer today to find the loader that's just right for you.