Caterpillar Loaders

The beginnings of the Caterpillar Company stretch all the way back to the late 1800s. By 1915, Caterpillar tractors were in use by the Allies during World War I. By the 1940s, Caterpillar was making tractors, graders, terracers, and generators. Throughout the 20th Century, Caterpillar grew to become perhaps the best known tractor company in America. Today Caterpillar is the world leader in diesel engine manufacturing. A wide variety of Caterpillar products designed for farm, construction and mining usages are sold worldwide.

Caterpillar loaders are available in several different categories: wheel loaders, skid steer loaders and multi-terrain loaders. Caterpillar offers a wide variety of different work tools that can be attached to any Caterpillar loader.

Caterpillar multi-terrain loaders are similar to their skid steer loaders in the construction and design of their upper chassis, operation station, loader arms, and work tools, but they have a suspended rubber track undercarriage for lower ground pressure. Power for the multi-terrain loaders varies from 57 hp to 78 hp. Load capacity ranges from 1950 lbs to 3600 lbs.

Caterpillar makes many different skid steer loaders. Caterpillar skid steer loaders are unparalleled in performance, versatility, ease of use and serviceability. They range in power from 49 hp up to 78 hp. Their operating capacity varies from 1400 lbs up to 2700 lbs.

Caterpillar wheel loaders are separated into sub-categories: Compact, Small, Midsize and Large. Included in the Large category is the world's largest wheel loader, the Caterpillar 994D. Compact models range in power from 52 hp to 95 hp. Bucket capacities of these models range from .78 cubic yards to 1.8 cubic yards. Caterpillar Small loaders feature engines rated between 129 and 149 hp. Their bucket capacities range from 2.2 cubic yards to 6.5 cubic yards. The engines in Midsize loaders start with 180 hp and max out at 318 hp. Bucket capacities on the Midsize models start at 3.0 cubic yards and climb to 8.0 cubic yards for the largest loader in this sub-category. The Large sub-category of Caterpillar loaders include some real monsters. The smallest of this group has a 501 hp engine. The largest, which also happens to be the world's largest loader, has a 1463 hp engine. Bucket capacities for these loaders range from 8.2 cubic yards up to 47 cubic yards.

Caterpillar is the best known and perhaps best-regarded manufacturer of heavy equipment. Wherever you are, there's a Caterpillar dealer near you.