Koyker Loaders

Koyker Manufacturing Company has been a leading manufacturer of front-end loaders for all major brands of tractors in the United States since 1937. Koyker is located in Lennox, South Dakota. They are a founding member of the used Tractor Dealers Association. Koyker loaders are designed to fit tractors ranging from 12 hp to 200 hp. Their loaders are engineered for quick mounting and dismounting with quick release hydraulic fittings. Koyker's self-storing stand and easy connect and disconnect drawpin wedges connect to the tractor mount.

Koyker's fast attach buckets are made in several different sizes for each loader. Their midsize capacity loader, for example, has buckets 6 foot, 7 foot and 8 foot fast attach buckets available.

Koyker loaders have several other features besides their fast attach bucket. They have solid knee joint strength. They have a self-storing parking stand. Simplified hose line routing also makes mounting and removing the loader easy. Optional attachments for Koyker loaders include: grapple forks, 4 bale spear options, a bale grabber, 5 fork options and telescopic booms for forks.

Koyker loaders are available for all sizes of tractors. For 10-25 hp tractors, Koyker makes a 3.5 foot bucket. This loader has a raise time of 3 seconds and a lower time of 2 seconds. Maximum lift height of this loader is 5'10".

For 30-60 hp tractors, Koyker makes a 5 foot bucket. This loader has a raising time of 4 seconds and a lowering time of 3 seconds. Maximum lift height of this unit is 9'6".

In the 45-90 hp range of tractors, Koyker has a 6 foot bucket. This loader lifts in 5 seconds and lowers down in 3 seconds. Maximum lift height for this loader is 11'7", while overall height in carry position is 5'11".

If you already have the tractor and have a need for a loader but don't want to buy an entirely new machine, look to Koyker to solve your problem by retrofitting a loader to your tractor.