Bobcat Loaders

Leon Manufacturing Company of Saskatchewan, Canada has been making front-end loaders and other material handling equipment for over 50 years. What started as a simple blacksmith shop now has a factory with over 100,000 square feet of production space. Leon's products include dozer blade units, land scrapers, rear blades, silver spreaders and front end loaders. Leon is known for its technical innovation, reliability and outstanding performance. Leon's loaders are sold and used worldwide. Leon's complete lineup of 15 loaders will fit over 1000 different tractors from tiny 10 hp units to massive 225 hp tractors.

All Leon loaders include parking stands, formed buckets, quick on/quick off mounting and a quick attach attachment bracket. The quick attachment bracket can accept over 40 different attachments.

Almost all Leon loaders offer innovative design features. Leon offers true mechanical self-leveling on almost all of its loaders. This feature ensures that the attachment remains in a level position throughout the lift cycle. Better dump and rollback angles ensure maximum productivity through easy and clean loading and dumping. Leon's design provides better visibility than most other manufacturers. Carefully engineered design positions give the operator a clear line of site. Leon's heavy-duty box frame gives unparalleled strength as compared to cylindrical tubing used on other company's loaders. Leon's exclusive Cup 'n' Cone Mounting system eliminates shifting problems and mount kit wear common to other loaders. This mounting system gives the loader a positive, tight fitting to its mount on your tractor. Leon's also offers a full line of attachments such as material buckets, grapples, bale spears, rotary brooms, earth augers, backhoes, dozer blades, pallet forks, tree augers, rippers, hay and manure forks and more.

Leon's loaders are divided into three categories-Compact, Mid-Sized and Large. The Compact loaders are excellent choices for golf courses, landscrapers, contractors and small acreage farmers. Mid-Sized loaders are excellent for hauling hay bales, moving loose materials, spreading straw for livestock and anything else on a farm. Large loaders are designed for commercial use and large farming applications.

Whatever your application, from golf course to winery to a commercial farming operation, Leon's has a loader to satisfy your everyday needs.