Letourneau Loaders

LeTourneau, Inc., based in Longview, Texas, has been a leader in the earthmoving equipment business for almost 90 years. The company was founded by R.G. LeTourneau who was a prolific inventor in the field. He created nearly 300 patents for his earthmoving machines. During World War II, approximately 70% of the earthmoving equipment used were LeTourneau machines. In addition to his manufacturing company, R.G. LeTourneau founded LeTourneau University, a private Christian school in Longview, Texas.

LeTourneau loaders are designed for heavy-duty use, particularly for the mining industry. LeTourneau loaders are used in coal, copper and hard-rock mining. LeTourneau manufactures the world's largest wheel loader-their L-2350 model with a 53 cubic yard bucket and operating capacity of 160,000 pounds. LeTourneau loaders are made for big jobs. LeTourneau offers a wide selection of buckets with custom configurations, to allow the perfect set-up for any application.

All LeTourneau loaders feature independent four-wheel electric drive. This allows shift-free operating, superior traction, resistance to wheel slip, unmatched braking power and increased tire life. Constant engine rpm improves fuel economy and reduces engine wear. Their self-lubricating ball-and-socket joints support loads from all directions, simplify maintenance and offer improved life over traditional designs. Standard self-cleaning air-filtration systems offer up to 5,000 hours of operation between filter replacements. Dual joysticks and the LeTourneau Integrated Network Controls give faster loading cycles that can be used all day long. The integrated network allows real time productivity monitoring and diagnostic feedback from remote modem access.

Make no mistake about it, LeTourneau Loaders are serious equipment for serious jobs. These are not loaders for small farms or for digging a backyard swimming pool. LeTourneau heavy earthmoving equipment is designed for serious commercial use in the mining and earthmoving industry. Locate a LeTourneau dealer near you for the custom setup that is just right for your application.