Miller Loaders

Miller Loaders has been making loaders since 1971 when Elmer Miller started the company in his effort to make improvements to conventional farm tractors. Elmer Miller had worked in the loader business in Sioux Falls, South Dakota since the 1940s. The company was passed down to Elmer's son Tom in 1988. Miller Loaders takes pride in still maintaining Elmer's ideas and concepts in the products they make today. By 1996, Miller Loaders integrated computer processes to the design and manufacture of their loaders. Miller Loaders recently built a 25,000 square-foot manufacturing plant in Lakewood, Iowa.

In 2001, Miller designed their innovative GreaseLess system. They noticed that an inordinate number of their customers ordered replacement pivot pins. They sought to design a loader that wouldn't eat through pivot pins. The result of their research and development was the GreaseLess sytem. They discovered that composite bearings, which had been used in the mining industry on earthmoving equipment, could be used to create such a greaseless system. High-density fiberglass bearings have twice the compressive strength of carbon steel. An interwoven Teflon liner gives the bearings a self-lubricating property. These bearings are unaffected by extremes in moisture and temperature and will last for years.

Miller Loaders are available in many different sizes and configurations to mount onto your tractor. Whether you have a 50 hp tractor or a 250 hp tractor, Miller makes a front end loader that will attach easily and help you with any job.

Miller Loaders also features a full line of accessories and attachments. Miller can supply you with a heavy-duty bucket, a high-capacity bucket or a cutting edge kit. They have both 3 and 4-tine grapples and auxiliary pipe kits. Round and square balespears are available. Miller can also attach palletforks to your loader or a variety of different blade systems, including: a hydraulic swivel blade or a push blade.

Miller Loaders can help you optimize your farm tractor. Visit a dealer near you.