Prentice Loaders

Prentice Loaders are a brand name of Blount, Inc. Blount, Inc., headquartered in Portland, Oregon, maintains a manufacturing facility for Prentice Loaders in Prentice, Wisconsin. The origin of the Prentice Loaders trade name dates back to 1945, when a local entrepreneur started a machine shop in Prentice to build hydraulic log lifting machines. Prentice has developed a reputation as the leader in the industry of log loaders. Since 1972, Prentice has hosted the Prentice Log Loader Championship, a competition for the best loggers in the world. Prentice takes pride in building a loader "better than it needs to be."

Prentice Loaders are intended for a specialized purpose: logging. They quickly and efficiently process raw fiber. They are engineered with the necessary structure, speed, smoothness, strength and stability for serious production demands.

Prentice Loaders run in two different modes to give you the best in fuel economy. In Run Mode, used for normal operation, they offer the most in fuel economy. For tougher jobs, switch to Power Boost Mode for 40% more engine power. The Prentice 100 gallon fuel tank lets you run a Prentice Loader for 2 days without refueling in Run Mode.

Prentice Loaders offer well-designed and amenity-filled cabs. Thirty inches of leg room make them comfortable to sit in for a full day's work. Their door openings are 45% bigger for easy access for larger loggers. Tinted windows and a skylight ensure easy job visibility. Control panels are smartly designed for easy reach. They even have cup holders standard.

Prentice Loaders also come standard with air conditioning systems to keep you cool and comfortable all day long in hot summer months. Multiple vents are each individually adjustable for the operator.

Prentice Loaders also come standard with state-of-the-art hydraulic systems designed for fast cycle times, maximum reliability and smooth operation. Their hydraulic systems make them extremely efficient at delimbing trees.

If you need a loader for the logging and forestry industry, Prentice is the company you need to see.