Quicke Loaders

Quicke is a Swedish Company, the first Swedish manufacturer of front loaders. The company originated in 1947 in a barn and has been expanding and acquiring other companies ever since. By 1967, Quicke was exporting more front loaders than they were selling domestically in Sweden. In 1988, they acquired KMW and began manufacturing operations in North America.

Quicke's unique front loaders keep them one step ahead of their competition. They design tomorrow's solutions today. Quicke front loaders, as their name would imply, allow you to work more quickly and with the best possible visibility through their Q Vision system. The superior strength of Quick front loaders allows you to handle big jobs safely.

Quicke front loaders use the Q Link system of exact parallel linkage. This linkage system gives Quicke Loaders superior handling, more power and greater working speed.

Quicke's Progressive shock absorber system automatically varies ride pressure depending on whether you are carrying a heavy or light load. When carrying a heavy load, the progressive system makes the shock absorbers harder. With a light load, the shock absorbers are automatically set for a softer ride.

Quicke's new line of Dimension loaders are innovative units offering many new developments. They have a new and more powerful subframe system. They have Quicke's Lock & Go semi-automatic loader locking. These loaders integrate a new, strong beam design. They integrate the Q Link parallel linkage system. Hoses are routed through a hidden scheme through the beams for added safety. The Q Vision system is integrated for greater visibility from the cab.

Quicke front loaders are specifically designed for hay bail loading. To assist hay bail loading, Quicke offers a full line of special loader attachments for hay bails of all shapes and sizes. Quicke front loaders are a great choice for anyone in the farming and grain industry.