Westendorf Loaders

Westendorf has been manufacturing farm equipment in their Onawa, Iowa headquarters since 1934. Westendorf makes small landscaping loaders, general farm use loaders, heavy duty loaders for feeding cattle, powerful loaders for construction, and high lift loaders for handling hay. Westendorf is an innovative producer of loaders and attachments that fit over 12,000 makes and models of new and used tractors. Westendorf is a leader in front-end loader technology. They pride themselves on pushing the boundaries to create better loaders and loader accessories based on real world applications. Patented products like their quick attach buckets, time saving attachments, hydraulic Power-Mount, Hydra-Snap manifold, and Snap-Attach System make your job easier.

Westendorf makes a full range of front end loaders. Their loaders are designed to fit both two and four-wheel drive tractors ranging in power from 10 hp to 325 hp. Westendorf loaders are divided into six categories: 100 Series, Custom Contour Series, XTA Series, WL Series, Traction Action Series and Specialty Loaders.

The 100 Series is designed for mid-sized tractors. It is a high strength loader that is perfect for horse owners or small farm owners who need to move things quickly and easily. This series is ideal for tractors in the 10 hp to 90 hp range.

The Custom Contour Series is designed for four wheel drive tractors in the 110 hp to 250 hp range. They feature Westendorf's new hidden hose technology where all hoses and lines run through the interior of the loader.

The Extra Traction Action Loader series is intended for two and four-wheel drive tractors. These large loaders are designed for large tractors up to the 200 hp to 250 hp range. These high lift loaders work well with manure, silage and hay.

Westendorf's WL Series loaders are basic and simple. They are intended for traditional two-wheel drive tractors spanning the range from 80 hp to 240 hp.

Traction Action loaders range from mid-size to super size and can fit either two or four-wheel drive tractors. There's a loader for a 10 hp tractor as well as one for a 240 hp tractor.

Specialty loaders are intended for rugged use. Some are designed for specific model tractors like Ford Bi-Directional tractors or the John Deere 8630.

Westendorf's full lineup of loaders can fit virtually any tractor-thousands in fact. Visit your local Westendorf dealer to find the right one for your needs.